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My Mission Statement

My Mission Statement

I've written a declarative mission statement that I use to guide and lead who I choose to be every day. It changes as my life journey changes. However, right now, this is my statement. This is who I am committed to being:

I am a voice and a physical presence that stands for everything that is beautiful; everything that is meaningful; everything that gives and breathes relatedness between people; everything that is mental and physical health and vitality; everything that is life-giving.

I am a woman who inspires and amazes everyone she comes in contact with. I am a woman who, when people meet me, their lives are changed. I contribute to others in such a powerful way that they have the opportunity to recreate their lives so that they are living lives that they love and contribute to others in the same way.

The paths that I can follow to see this happen are limitless. I am a writer. My writing inspires, moves, challenges and encourages those who read it. I am painter. My art is a vivid playground that allows me self-expression and invites those who experience it to see the opportunity to uniquely express themselves. My art has life and energy.




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